As the leader in Jazz,
with unparalleled scale and access, we deliver
highly effective music marketing programs for advertisers

Live artists and Digital Media Brand Marketing


At WWGE we have a long history working with artists. Because of this unparalleled experience working with artists AND the marketing capabilities present, we are highly capable to create specific live events for our clients, all based on their goals and ambitions.

Live music Venues, Multi-Day events, product and consumer promotion, connecting artists with brands,  brand management, digital media marketing, it is all part of the extensive service offering of Wayward Goose Entertainment Group.

Using nowadays capabilities we first work on understanding the demographics of the brands we work with. We create multi-channel campaigns, starting with insights about your brand. Figuring out the bare-naked truth about who you are, where you stand and what you can be.

With unmatched capabilities, we create campaigns that can mix a variety of connections to reach, engage, and drive your consumer – from the live event, to the web, to your front door.



Uniquely positioned in the Jazz scene

Wayward Goose Entertainment Group is uniquely positioned as a corporate partnership agency. Through our buy-in in the Jazz community we have access to many renowned artists.

We push the creative boundaries on a day to day basis while connecting brands with iconic jazz artists.

The Wayward Goose entertainment group operates on two continents with one goal in mind, create a powerful brand using the magic of live performances!

Event Sponsorship

Event sponsorship can and is to be defined as  — financial sponsorship of an event used to achieve certain business goals such as receiving recognition or increasing brand awareness. WWGE is the right partner and through its events give sponsors carte blanche access to audiences not tapped in before.

Not like other forms of advertising, which mostly are  intrusive and unwanted, event sponsorship allows consumers and businesses to connect through meaningful real-time interaction.

According to recent studies, more than 70% of consumers view brands that provide quality event experiences as very positive, and engaging with brands that create memorable events make them more likely to buy products from the promoted brands.

The right kind of sponsor means so much more than just advertising to the target audiences. Your authority, when using live events making an ever lasting impression, makes you a leader in your field of business.

Beyond the live event, the sponsor will get additional awareness through various social media channels.

A additional benefit of sponsoring live events is the extra trust created between the brands and consumers.

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Benefits of Sponsoring

Direct access to your target market

Carefully chosing the right event will make sure that sponsorship will bring your target audience directly to you.

Lead generation

A great opportunity for the brand to present their latest inventions and collect new contacts.


The target audience is much more likely to be converted into customers

Building a reputation

Sponsoring an event is a good way to demonstrate an expertise and build a brand reputation.

Increased visibility

Event sponsorship enables businesses and organizations to receive more media coverage.

New clients and customers

Face-to-face interaction is an incredibly powerful tool

New business partnerships

Events are not only great for generating leads but also for finding new partners

Better perception

Direct communication with your target market brings your brand closer to your customers, makes people relate to it on a personal level and blurs all those boundaries.

Current customers

Strengthening customer relationships through face-to-face interaction is another big advantage of sponsoring events.