Connecting Brands with Music

We create multi-channel campaigns, attach the brand to audiences through live events and social media.

We connect brands with audiences to reach the ever changing world of consumers.

We create multi-channel campaigns, starting with insights about your brand. Figuring out the bare-naked truth about who you are, where you stand and what you can be.

Once we figure it out you will know too! It is the connection that your brand has to what your consumer feels, thinks and likes.

With this powerful strategy in place, we integrate the right turnkey programs to grow your brand and deliver real success.

Music is definitely a  cultural universal. Being one of the only few constant factors across diverse cultures, celebrated in about every society.  And while it manifests differently across a wide range of industries and cultural disciplines, there is no denying the huge role music plays in people’s lives, the passion it evokes, and the emotion it can communicate, even breaking down language barriers.

For centuries, music has been used as a means of communication. It has unique psychological qualities that can affect listeners in many ways, impacting emotions, creating a somatic effect, and even being used as a means of achieving catharsis. With such deep psychological effects, it’s not a surprise that music fans’ relationships with musicians also run very deep.

For that reason music, and the artists who create it, present a wonderful opportunity to promote brands!

WWGE is the company to introduce premium brands to unique audiences!



Live events

Through its artist affiliates the Wayward Goose Entertainment Group is able to organize, host and present events with live artists, while we invite brands to act as a sponsor to the event. The brands products will be dominantly available throughout the event.

Sponsoring A Live Music Event Makes Millennials Trust And Recommend Your Brand

Through the lens of brand marketing, we see many forward-thinking brands recognizing the need to engage their consumers through their passions. Smart marketers are no longer selling through messages alone, but rather providing experiences to strengthen the connections between themselves and consumers. When looking at the research and data, it’s clear that music and culture offer brands an advantage in consumer engagement and in commercial metrics.